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Aubrey Rogers was not only a worker. She was a friend and a servant, two qualities I would never let aside. To work with her is to be certain of reaching good expectations.

Aubrey knows how to deal with her patient/client and she knows how to respond of every need. She has knowedge and is always ready to serve, what makes us feel what is most important: loved. This is also reflected in the way she treats doctors, nurses, and each person from the staff.

I feel comfortable recommending Aubrey to anyone willing to have a proper and health delivery. This was our third child and my wife and I are grateful for the wonderful time Aubrey encouraged and helped us to have.


My daughter's birthday was by far one of the best days of my life. It was a beautiful, stress-free and anxiety-free day and I know I owe a huge part of that to my doula, Aubrey!

The funniest things can happen the day you go into labor. Our air conditioning untit decided to go out and it was July in North Carolina. The entire day was filled with my husband meeting with various HVAC companies to make sure we could get it replaced ASAP. Meanwhile, I had been having contractions beginning at midnight that morning. Thankfully, Aubrey was there to devote full attention to me when my husband could not. What could have been a nightmare situation, was happily manageable and I was able to labor for 14 hours at home before heading to the birth center.

Driving to the birth center, I went into transition and Aubrey was in the back of the car with me applying counter pressure on my hips and coaching me through each wave of contractions. She was amazing and a lifesaver especially since my husband was driving and had she not have been there, I would have had no physical support. Her being there put us all at ease so that my husband could focus on driving in rush hour traffic!

At the birth center, I felt so completely supported! Aubrey never left my side, she was encouraging through it all and even took pictures for us on my camera! She also helped coach my husband in helping me as well, which was amazing. Four hours after arriving at the birth center, I gave birth to my little girl and it was such a smooth, wonderful birth thanks to the support of Aubrey and all the prep she helped me with! 

I will definitely hire Aubrey again for my next birth. Hiring her for this birth was one of the best decisions we made and I am grateful for all of her support and love she gave through the process. I would recommend her to anyone I know! 


Having Aubrey Rogers as my doula was extremely helpful. Before the birth she was always answering my questions and encouraging me to deliver the way I wanted and had planned. During labor she was always calm and aware,  knowing what to say, when to act and when to step back. I can say that, during my pregnancy and labor, I have found in her not only a great professional, but a loving friend that is passionate for what she does.


I am not sure I will be able to find the right words to explain how truly great it was to have Aubrey Rogers as our doula. To be honest it was my wife, Anna’s idea to hire a doula and I was a little skeptical at first. From the first time we met Aubrey I was really impressed with her knowledge and passion for the birthing process. Her heart to care for Anna, our soon to be son and I was evident from the start. I knew that her goal was to teach us and do whatever she could so that we would be feel the most prepared we could for when Anna went into labor.

Aubrey met us at the hospital because we thought Anna was progressing rather quickly. Once Aubrey arrived she immediately went into action helping Anna focus and helping her through each contraction. I knew from meeting with Aubrey the few times before that she genuinely cared that our birth went well but I was blown away by the way she cared for Anna for over ten hours. She was such a calming and encouraging presence for both of us. I am pretty sure Aubrey stood for ten hours straight doing whatever she could to calm and relax Anna. She had perfect timing when it came to using words of encouragement for Anna and when it was time to try something new. She coached Anna and even myself through the whole labor.

Once our son arrived he was taken to the NICU and I went along with him. The situation was a bit overwhelming and scary. Knowing that Aubrey was with Anna and that she wasn’t left alone was such a blessing. I don’t know many doulas but I can say with certainty that Aubrey is truly one of the best in the profession. She has tremendous passion, character, integrity and a genuine love for others and for what she does. Looking back over it all there is nothing I wish Aubrey would have done differently. She truly did an amazing job. She is a wonderful doula and an all around wonderful person. I will be forever grateful for Aubrey because of the way she cared for all of us.


Aubrey was everything we were hoping to find in a doula and more! She did a wonderful job helping with pain management, as well as emotionally helping me through my long labor. She stayed with us at our home and then the hospital for two days before my son was born, tirelessly giving us encouragement, praying for me, and speaking scripture to me. I can't imagine having gotten through it without her. Her presence in the room was very calming and comforting to me, and she is clearly very knowledgeable about techniques and positions to try to help aleviate pain and help progress labor. I will definitely want her again for our next baby!


Hiring Aubrey to be my doula was the single best decision I made throughout my pregnancy. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was teetering between wanting an epidural and giving birth naturally. Through our prenatal meetings, Aubrey never pressured me in one direction but she helped equip me with the knowledge and tools for a natural birth. Mainly, she helped me to believe in myself and my ability to give birth, which was so huge for me. Without her, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to try for a natural birth. And then when there were some complications near the end of my pregnancy, Aubrey was so encouraging and reassuring. Having a doula is so much more than physical support during labor- it is emotional support through all the ups and downs of preparing to welcome your baby. I cannot overemphasize how helpful Aubrey was in this.

When the time came to have the baby, Aubrey was there shortly after I called her. She and my husband made a great team as they supported me in labor all through the night. No task was beneath her as she gave me sips of water, prepared snacks, rubbed my back during contractions, and arranged pillows in a hundred different ways to help make me comfortable. She is truly a servant. And when labor got really tough and I tossed around the idea of drugs, she calmly helped me remember my birth plan and why I wanted a natural birth and helped me to push through without the use of drugs. I am so thankful for Aubrey and her role in my pregnancy and birth. She was simply wonderful.


Aubrey is a wonderful doula! She assessed our progress and helped us make decisions about next steps, but at the same time was careful to follow our lead. Her advice was crucial in helping us decide when to head to the birth center, and her insticts were exactly right...when we arrived at the birth center my wife was fully dilated and ready to start pushing. During the car ride to the birth center, Aubrey provided calm direction to my wife on how to breathe through each contraction, helping us through a potentially unsettling car ride with confidence and peace. All along the way, she encouraged us with her warm personality and experienced advice. During labor, she talked my wife through breathing and pushing, and kept a steady flow of cool rags on my wife's forehead for comfort. As soon as the baby was born, she steppd out of the way and used our phone to take pictures of everything unfolding. I hadn't even thought about pictures until after the fact. Then we realized she had captured it all!

We would definitley work with Aubrey again. "Doula" comes from the Greek word for servant, and Aubrey truly served us well!


Aubrey served as our doula for the recent birth of our first child and I cannot say enough about how helpful having her by our side was for the entire process.  I actually hadn't met Aubrey until she entered by bathroom in the middle of contractions.  I had hired another doula who became unavailable at the last minute and Aubrey was asked to step into this role for me.  I received a call from her the week prior to going into labor and she talked with me at length to gather all the infromation regarding my pregnancy, desires for delivery, and listened to my concners with an attentive and caring ear.  While I initially didn't think it was ideal to have someone I had never met step in at the last minute, she made me feel incredibly at ease from our initial conversation.  My fears and doubts were gone after we talked and I felt confident having her by my side although we had not yet met.

Aubrey was increidbly helfpul to my husband in assessing my progress of laboring at home and arrived at our home in the middle of the night to aid my husband in caring for and serving me well through each contraction and the decision of when to leave for the birth center.  She rode in the car with us, holding my hands through each contraction as my husband drove.  This allowed both he and I to feel at ease - he was able to focus on driving and I was able to focus through contractios without fear knowing she was there to support and guide us both.  

I felt comforted and refreshed during labor as she kept cold wash cloths on my head, gave me drinks of water between contractions, and affirmed me with her words.  I will certainly be seeking Aubrey out to come alongside me during the birth of any children we may have in the future!


Aubrey served as our doula this July (2016).  She was amazing!  Since giving birth, I have shared with many people that hiring Aubrey as our doula was the best decision we made for our birth.  Even though things didn't go as originally planned, Aubrey was there to support us through the entire (36 hour!) labor.  She helped keep me focused and supported my husband so that he could better support me.  The nurses even remarked afterwards what a great doula Aubrey was, and they've seen their fair share!  I know our labor would have gone very different without her, so we are so thankful to have had her.  We've already decided to ask her to be our doula again for our next child.  You can't go wrong hiring her!


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