Birth Photography

     In this digital age we often feel the pressure to both have experiences and to capture them; for the ‘gram, for posterity, and for our own memories. Birth is definitely not a time you want to be worried about your support person pulling double duty as photographer! Hiring a birth photographer means your spouse, doula, nurse, midwife, and whoever else you have present to support you can focus on you, and you can focus on bringing your baby into the world. 

     A birth photographer not only captures your experiences for you, they also capture moments that you otherwise would completely miss as a laboring mom: your family in the waiting room, the pride and quiet support of nurses, midwives, and birth servants, you and your spouse’s reaction as you meet your baby face to face. 

     As a birth photographer I am not front and center directing you to hold your posture or facial expression. I am focused on fading into the background, and capturing moments that tell your story. Moments of strength, moments of pain, moments of love, moments of tender support, and moments of triumph. At the end of the day, however you get there, you will have a perfect baby in your arms and a beautifully curated photographic story. It is truly my honor to be present with you, praying for you during your birth, and telling your story through my lens. You just experience it; I’ll help you remember it.



  • Initial consultation

  • 1-2 hour session at single location

  • 1 outfit change

  • 30+ high resolution edited digital images

  • Permission to print





  • Initial consultation 

  • On-call access to photographer for the weeks leading up to your birth

  • Photography during labor, birth and first moments postpartum

  • High resolution edited digital images

  • Permission to print 






  • Initial consultation

  • 1-2 hour session in home within the first two weeks of baby's arrival

  • 50+ high resolution edited digital images

  • Permission to print










Maybe you're not sure

about birth photography,


but you still want some of


those very first moments.


This is the perfect


session for you. 

  • 1-2 hour session at birth venue within 48 hours of baby's arrival

  • 50+ high resolution edited digital images

  • Permission to print









Fresh 48

Babies change so much in


first few days of life. You stare in awe and study them determined not to forget one detail of how they look right now. This package is perfect for committing those details to your photo album

forever while also capturing the emotions of parents meeting & falling in love with their new bundle.


  • Combine benefits of birth and fresh 48 sessions.

  • $50 credit toward another session of your choice




The Complete


Don't miss a single stage in this journey. Document bump, birth, and bundle of joy! 

Combine all four services for the most complete story. And enjoy a beautifully curated consistent collection for you to print in whatever form you choose.  
(A value of $2125)


Combine 2 or more regularly priced services and save $100!