Lactation Education

Is breastfeeding still painful and you’re a few weeks in already? Worried about how to increase your milk production?

We can help!

The single most important factor in breastfeeding success is adequate support. Let us serve you on your journey. 


Here are a few of the ways you can use our hourly service:  

  • Latch and positioning assistance

  • Weighted feed - assess a baby’s milk transfer at the breast

  • Prenatal risk - create an infant feeding plan if you have a risk factor for low milk supply

  • Pumping and bottle feeding back to work plan

  • Pain assessment - nipple or breast. Find cause and solution

  • Plugged ducts/engorgement relief

  • Getting baby back to breast

What does a lactation visit look like?

We’ll have you fill out some history and intake paperwork before you come in or at the beginning of your visit. We’ll hear your concerns about breastfeeding and what you’d like to accomplish at this visit and your long term breastfeeding goals. We will take a look in the baby’s mouth to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. We’ll assess the mother’s breasts and nipples for damage and glandular tissue. Often we will weigh the baby on our medical scale before a feeding and after to determine milk transfer. During a feeding, you’ll receive positioning and latch assistance. We will use tools like nipple shields, supplemental nursing systems, bottles, donor milk, etc sparingly and as needed. We encourage your support person to come to the visit to help you implement the plan once our time is over.


After the history, physical, and feeding assessment, we will create a plan to improve your breastfeeding relationship. The goal is for you to be confident and comfortable with breastfeeding. We can assure you that we will work with you to determine the best plan for what works for you and your baby.


If a breastfeeding situation is outside of our expertise, we will refer you to another care provider who specializes.


You’ll decide with us whether you’ll meet at your home or in a office in Cameron Village.