Nutrition Counseling

One-time Initial Consult - $85

  • One 60-minute initial consultation designed to assess your current diet and develop a plan to nourish your body well regardless of whether you are prenatal, postnatal, or working to find ways to nourish your family. 

  • This option is ideal for “self-starters” who can take a plan and put it into action without needing ongoing support or follow-up.


Nourishing New Life (Four Consult Package) - $275

  • Four sessions – one 60-minute initial consultation and three 30-minute follow-up sessions.

  • Whether you are pre- or postnatal this package will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to nourish yourself and your family for long-term health. 

  • During the initial consultation we will lay a foundational knowledge of nutrition and assess your current diet in order to make adjustments to provide your body with the optimal nutrition needed to thrive. 

  • If you are prenatal a particular focus will be given to how to nourish your baby for the best possible start in life. We’ll also focus on how to support every system of your body with the unique demands placed on it during this season. 

  • For women in the postpartum phase a particular focus will be given on nourishing your body to aid in healing and promote energy and vitality with the various physical, mental, and emotional demands you’re experiencing.

  • This package includes a prenatal and/or postnatal nutrition guide, one week of sample meal plans created from whole food recipes, and ongoing email support up to two weeks after our final session.


Nourished & Beyond (Six Consult Package) - $375

  • Six sessions – one 60-minute initial consultation and five 30-minute follow-up sessions.

  • The same services are provided as in the Nourishing New Life Package with two additional 30-minute follow-up sessions for those desiring ongoing support and guidance.


Follow-up Add-on Package - $150

  • Three 30-minute follow-up sessions designed for those who have purchased a package.


Group Classes - $55 per person/couple

  • Group sessions provide you with the opportunity to obtain detailed information about how to fuel you and your family well for long-term health with an additional focus on pre- and postnatal nutrition.  Ideal for those who do not feel the need to have their individual diet assessed one-on-one and feel capable of receiving information and putting it into action.

  • Each participant will receive a folder complete with pre- and postnatal nutrition guides and have a time for Q&A.