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What every Mom should know about New Creation

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

By Mary Harris, birth doula

“Do you deliver babies?”

“What does your group do in the community?”

“How are you making a difference?”

A lady recently asked me these questions when I was standing behind an information table for our group at a career fair. These questions did not take me by surprise at all. In fact, I’m asked questions like this all the time when I tell people the name of my company. In this post, I’m going to answer these questions.

Simply put, New Creation is a group of Christian women who share a common mission - to support and care for mothers.

All women serving in the group are members of evangelical Christian churches who are passionate about serving their community with the love of Jesus. Each one has received professional training in her field through in-class, hands-on, and mentorship experiences.

At our group, you will find dedicated and caring professionals who find joy in serving mothers and their families through the life-changing season of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

How we serve

At New Creation a mother can pick from a variety of services to meet her individual need

  • Birth classes are offered from an evidence-based research point of view.

  • Birth doulas provide emotional, physical, and information support during pregnancy, labor, and birth.

  • Sibling doulas are experienced child sitters who care for a mom’s other children while she is giving birth.

  • Postpartum doulas assist with postpartum needs – such as breastfeeding, meal preparation, and infant care.

  • A birth photographer is available to catch the precious moments of labor and birth (and also offers other photography services).

  • A pregnancy massage therapist offers relaxing massages that relieve stress, ease discomfort, and lesson nausea.

  • Placenta encapsulation is available for those who wish to use their placenta for medicinal purposes.

  • Bereavement support (counseling and doula care) are available to those experiencing the loss of a child.

  • New Creation’s founder, Susanna Elliot, is now offering counseling services and support meetings for individuals, couples and groups.

The impact we are making

New Creation is making an incredible and lasting difference in the community. Working together with clients, the group provides individualized support so each client can have a satisfying pregnancy journey.

New Creation provides services that mothers really need but most health care providers do not offer. We are privately hired by our clients and work together with medical professionals (that is right, none of New Creation’s staff deliver babies) to give our clients the best care possible. If you still have questions, contact us. We love what we do and we love sharing our knowledge.

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