Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Massage in pregnancy helps with stress on the joints and muscles from the stretching ligaments and extra weight as the baby grows. Massage can help to lessen the effects of nausea, even if just for one day, women who have dealt with this know that any relief is welcome. It is also a huge help with the mental stress that goes along with pregnancy like preparing for a new baby, deciding about going back to work, and difficulty sleeping to name a few. 

  Postpartum is the most important time to be getting massage therapy. A women's body has around 9 months to adjust to the full term baby, while this is a short amount of time, studies show that just 6-10 weeks after birth the body is nearly back to normal! That is a huge change in a very short amount of time and getting massage can be extremely instrumental in helping with this transition. Many women are so happy to be home with their sweet bundle of joy that they often forget to take care of themselves after birth. Massage techniques work to bring the hips and ribs back together. This can also be a very emotional time for new moms and massage can help them to relax and get out of their own heads for a little bit. 

Pregnancy Pricing and Packages 

Pregnancy is such an important time to get massage and we hope these special prices and packages make it easier for you to make massage a part of your prenatal care. As you get into your third trimester a longer massage is recommended (75min-90min), please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointments. 

60 min. Prenatal/Postpartum                                        $ 65

75 min. Prenatal/Postpartum                                        $ 80

90 min. Prenatal/Postpartum                                        $ 95

Package Pricing

5 x 60 min.   4 prenatal/ 1 postpartum                             $ 275

4 x 60 min. + 3 x 90 min.                                           $ 475