Sarah Grace

Birth, Bereavement, Postpartum, and Sibling Doula

Sarah Grace is compassionate and eager to serve women and their families when they need it most. She is passionate about making moms feel comfortable and confident in their new and continuing role as moms. She longs to see moms have the mental, physical, and spiritual support that they need during this joyful yet demanding time in their lives. This desire to serve women during the postpartum days came from her own difficulties during her postpartum recovery. Having been through postpartum depression herself, she knows how to give compassionate support that comes from a place of both empathy and knowledge.

Sarah Grace is convinced that putting the right support system in place during these first months with you and your new baby will lead to a successful transition into motherhood and beyond! She wants wants to nurture, educate, and affirm mothers and their ability to bond with and mother their babies.    


Sarah Grace has been married to Nathan since 2012 and they welcomed their first child Evangeline in 2016, followed by Phoebe in 2018.  She enjoys learning languages, hiking, traveling, cooking and spending time with friends and family over a good cup of coffee. She loves hosting people in her home and making them feel loved and welcome.


Sarah Grace has a B/A in Biblical studies with a minor in Intercultural studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has completed her postpartum training through DONA International and her birth and bereavement training through Still Birthday

$850 Birth Doula Services

$325 for 12 Postpartum Hours

$800 Sibling Doula for 1-4 kids

$1000 Sibling Doula for 5+ kids